Sex is very individualistic and every person might have a few preferences as well as likes and dislikes but there is one thing we can all agree on.

It is that if your partner is not on board with what you like and dislike then you can never fulfil your desires and that is why we are going to focus on how to tell your partner what you like in bed.

This is going to be a general blog that will work for mostly all couples but you might need to change things with the points that we mention to make sure you can communicate better with your partner.

So here is how to tell your partner what you like in bed. 



We are going to start with the most direct and simplest of all points and it is to simply be as direct as you can with your partner and do not use conflicting language.

Be simple and clear and just communicate with your partner what are the things that you like in bed and tell them that you perhaps like this or that.

Do not be very demanding in your first conversation and simply start with something that your partner likes as well.

You must also avoid language that demeans your partner and you must also not use language that expresses that your partner is ineffective in satisfying you.

This is the best tip that we can ever give you because it is going to avoid misunderstandings and help you achieve all that you want with the least amount of effort. 


When you are communicating what you like with your partner it helps a lot if you keep your language positive and your outlook positive.

This is because you can certainly tell your likes and dislikes but it helps a lot to simply mention your likes because it will show that you are positive about the situation.

For example, you can tell your partner that you really like it when they do a certain something and then you can mention the new things that you would like to do in bed.

You should not mention the things that you do not like in the same conversation where you are trying to communicate new things with your partner.

This will automatically help you in this situation and express your positive attitude toward trying new things with your partner in a very positive atmosphere. 


Choosing the right time and place to have this conversation is important because if you choose the correct time to bring this up then it will definitely help you in the situation.

But if you choose an inappropriate time then it might not work for you and you cannot have an open conversation with your partner.

For example, if they are very happy about something and perhaps they got a promotion at their job then it would be a good time to bring this up in a very positive way that you want to try something new to celebrate the moment.

However, if you are partner is very stressed about something then it is not a good time to bring up that conversation.

You must also keep in mind that this is a very private matter and you should not bring this conversation up in public no matter how happy your partner seems because if you bring this up in front of other people even just as a joke then things might go south.

Judgement of time and place will help you in achieving not only this but everything in life. 


You must always be respectful and understanding about the situation because it is your desires not the desires of your partner and it is you who is asking new things from your partner.

You must always keep in mind that you should be able to respect the decision of your partner and if they do not like that you try out new things in bed then you should be respectful of that.

You should, under no circumstances, force new things on your partner because that is not only illegal by law but it is something generally wrong.

You must also make the effort of knowing the things that your partner likes to do in bed and you must try doing those things as well.

Sex is something very much mutual and it is teamwork and only when you and your partner work together can you achieve the best orgasm and have the ultimate fun in bed. 


While we have talked about this in the previous point but it is important to have two-way communication open with your partner because communication is the key to expressing yourself.

If you are able to communicate easily with your partner then you must be grateful about your situation because you have a great partner and that is why you must also create an environment where they can communicate freely with you.

You must be understanding of their desires and you must also make the extra effort of trying to understand their desires because sex and love and relationships are based on understanding and compassion.

Your desires should never have more priority than the likes and dislikes and the comfort of your partner and if you keep this in mind then you and never going to have any problems with your partner.

We hope this blog admin helpful for you to understand how to tell your partner what you like in bed and the short answer to this is simply communication and a positive attitude. 

If you can communicate well with your partner and if you can make the extra effort of understanding your partner’s desires as well as likes and dislikes then you are never going to have a problem.

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